is it too late to clip?


ridge: As anyone found my cat tommy he went missing from my yard in Heywood several months ago he is black and loves horses x Mar 28, 2014 22:11:35 GMT
saddleback: RE: UPLOADING PICTURES - You need to upload them to photobucket, copy and paste the IMG code onto your thread :) Mar 31, 2014 17:43:15 GMT
letsgonorth: Stolen from a field in Brough, Dunnet, Caithness. Black Section D colt, age 9 months. White star, one white foot. Microchipped in my name, first registration application in my name. We know where he is but police refuse to retrieve. Apr 1, 2014 17:39:55 GMT
lilliella1: Trying to post an add and saying your forum has exceeded its file space limit! Think you need to increase your server capacity!! X Apr 2, 2014 13:50:57 GMT
Admin: You can still post an advert but you will have to use a picture hosting site to add a picture. Apr 3, 2014 20:33:43 GMT
pne: Hi are you still looking for an Instructor ? Call me on 07718402465 Penny Pleasant BHSAI Apr 6, 2014 20:03:53 GMT
jessysim93: Does anyone have a stable for sale for the NPS spring festival Friday night please? Apr 7, 2014 19:22:23 GMT
anghank: When entering Cheshire County Show HOYS classes you need to complete their entry form as well as the HOYS form as this includes the £3.00 Mandatory Medical Cover. Apr 8, 2014 14:16:36 GMT
dollymix31: Looking for livery in the Ribble Valley. Ideally in Waddington area or close by. MUST have decent turn out Apr 9, 2014 12:45:03 GMT
jadey28: hi sorry new to this, will i be notified if someone comments on my new thread? thanks :) Apr 10, 2014 13:08:32 GMT
waspblue: Hi, Apr 10, 2014 17:00:46 GMT
waspblue: Thanks for letting me know it's arrived, much appreciated and thanks again for your purchase. Apr 10, 2014 17:01:37 GMT
delaurore: Hello, do you have a link to the horsebound page on facebook ? I can't find it. Thanks Apr 11, 2014 11:07:50 GMT
flowerpower2: how do i attached pictures to my thread in the ponies offered for loan ?? thanks Apr 16, 2014 13:56:36 GMT
dippy: How do I find results of Winter Champs on the BSPS. website please Apr 18, 2014 14:15:53 GMT
horsemadmopsy: Well today I was getting ready for a show and I shaved her whiskers of with one of the. Really sharp razors an I didn't realise that she had lines on her nose and it looks a right mess and I'm showing tommorow any tips please what to do ?? Apr 19, 2014 20:55:54 GMT
jubi: Hi did you get a copy of marks ? I am looking fir 127 and 132 too , would you pls send me a copy if you do ? Apr 20, 2014 8:57:54 GMT
barneysmum: Morning. Did get your message this morning and replied. I have taken the sim and battery from my phone and put it all back as sometimes they can get 'stuck?' Maybe you could try the AMA Apr 21, 2014 8:07:22 GMT
barneysmum: morning. I did get your text this morning and replied. I have taken the sim and battery out of my phone and put it all back again as sometimes they do get 'stuck". Perhaps you could try the same with yours??? Apr 21, 2014 8:08:22 GMT
barneysmum: Morning. I did get your text this morning and replied! I have taken the sim and battery out of my phone and put it all back together as sometimes I think they do get 'stuck'. Perhaps you could try thel same with yours? Apr 21, 2014 8:09:12 GMT