£1000.00 Prize Money 17th & 18th July *EQUIFEST*


entiv: Wasup Sept 8, 2014 16:46:00 GMT
pinkstar12: looking for a brown tweed dress coat, size 10 for m&m lead rein. IF anyone is selling or knows of someone that is please pm me Sept 9, 2014 9:16:24 GMT
EmmaS: Looking for a 17 inch second hand brown suave show saddle Clyde or similar, for an ror so not wide, thanks Sept 9, 2014 18:39:32 GMT
Martha22: Looking to get in touch with Rillaton pony breeder... Sept 9, 2014 20:50:56 GMT
bariana: Im intesterest in your pony. How do I contact you pls? Where are you? Any photos pls? Sept 10, 2014 6:49:52 GMT
pony2girl: Hi we have a black 12hh riding pony stallion standing in North Wales! Please visit our website for all details etc! www.royalviewstud.com Sept 10, 2014 9:41:55 GMT
theresa: hi can you post some pictures and what classes has this pony done. what height has he jumped to date. Sept 10, 2014 11:17:44 GMT
charmer07: I will you take £5.00 for the two ? Sept 10, 2014 12:15:11 GMT
charmer07: sorry £35.00 for the two ? Sept 10, 2014 12:15:36 GMT
SayItToMyFace: Where abouts in the north west are you? Thanks Sept 11, 2014 12:47:39 GMT
shy's mum: wintersend nimbus Sept 11, 2014 18:47:46 GMT
bariana: Thank you for your website details. I will call you tomorrow and see if the pony is still available? Sept 11, 2014 19:42:17 GMT
suzew: I have a stunning 3 year old for sale if your interested, currently 16hh but bum high xx Sept 13, 2014 11:46:59 GMT
sally07: Hi Meljolly Sept 15, 2014 10:59:31 GMT
sally07: I would like your reins, could you give me a call on 07553674577 Sept 15, 2014 11:00:16 GMT
cori9819: Hi please can you send pic to gsimonlynn@btinternet.com many thanks Sept 15, 2014 15:26:47 GMT
meljolly: Hi Sally 07. Really sorry but I have just noticed your comment. The reins are now sold Sept 15, 2014 16:00:05 GMT
Antonia1999: Looking for a part loan (kind of) however I can only do Saturdays and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a loaner who will only do one day Sept 15, 2014 17:47:13 GMT
Antonia1999: Just wondering if anyone could help x Sept 15, 2014 17:47:46 GMT
wildwelshies: love the look of your connie, can you phone me on 07773894723 Sept 16, 2014 12:33:32 GMT
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