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troton: Hi, how old is you sec C stallion please. Jun 13, 2014 14:31:58 GMT
sezflo: Jun 20, 2014 14:11:51 GMT
welshiegirl: Ncpa Yorkshire is on this Sunday pm me for schedules or look under Ncpa chat on here, fantastic show and a chance to qualify for the final in September which has £1000 golden supremes prize monies! Qualification only so don't miss out !!!! Jun 20, 2014 15:07:53 GMT *
caz789: is your mare still for sale? Jun 21, 2014 20:46:07 GMT
tortuga: :(someone must have the pba hoys results please and who is the photographer at the royal highland show Jun 22, 2014 17:50:23 GMT *
tortuga: (:)) Jun 22, 2014 17:51:00 GMT
mirejaal: HI we have a 14hh shp /part bred Arab. A new combination, but established child jockey. Bay with no whites, may be ok as a pair? Regards Rebecca Jun 24, 2014 21:30:06 GMT
thebigbarn: Hi! I am The Big Barn. Jun 26, 2014 15:05:10 GMT
arrogorn: 2 stables wanted for Monday Night at GYS or 1 day stable for Tues please Jun 27, 2014 18:53:45 GMT
helenmelon: hi, does anyone know how many entries there are in ror class at malton show on sunday Jun 27, 2014 18:59:50 GMT
welshiegirl: Tuesday night stable desperately needed for the Great Yorkshire show Jun 28, 2014 13:19:21 GMT
delliam: Thank you very much Jun 29, 2014 12:30:26 GMT
lilliella1: Can a mod look into the fact I can't upload a pic to my add please (saying forum exceeded attachment limit)!! Jun 30, 2014 8:28:35 GMT
sezflo: Jun 30, 2014 20:35:50 GMT
george08: please can someone send me a direct link for Staffs schedule for this weekend desperate for it!? thanks Jul 1, 2014 10:28:18 GMT
angiebrunt: Looking for a connemara for a nervous rider, about 14.2hh - 15.2hh. Must be safe & sensible please. Jul 6, 2014 23:20:55 GMT
delfachhighwayman: I thought the HOYS judges did a great job in the M&M flats. The ride judge asked for a show which really gave a good range of marks so the system really worked. There were some lovely ponies forwards. Sadly ours spooked on the top corner so not our day :) Jul 9, 2014 14:46:51 GMT
dobby: Thanks for the response regarding the show jacket. Please can you send me a photo and the measurements from shoulder to cuff, back of neck to the bottom. My email address is Jul 9, 2014 18:26:19 GMT
nutwood: Sadly I cannot see your email address! Jul 9, 2014 21:10:01 GMT
justwil: Showing Selection Tweed showing jacket for sale size 28" bought last year (new) from showing selection used 3 times in excellent condition. Email me for further details Jul 10, 2014 12:04:06 GMT